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Cars Under Construction

...or in this case reconstruction.

This is what happens when you lose your oil.

David Mansfield's AJ6 engine which lost all its oil suddenly - the result of a badly made oil cooler hose.

Magnificent alloy body built by McFarlanes. We think this is the German W152 because it looks left-hand-drive.

Click image to go to McFarlanes website and see more examples of their work.
Peter-Dirk Bergerhoff is building this magnificent Weber'ed V12 in Germany. We hope he will not have too many problems in getting it through th TÜV regulations.

Pictures of Graham Hallett's V12...

Click on either picture to link to the Hallett Family website (in a new window) where there is an account of the build project and a gallery of over 150 pictures from chassis through SVA to completion.

The man responsible is ex-Jaguar engineer Brian Ball. Highly recommended V12 specialist in Hampshire.

He also converted both Graham's and Roger Goswell's S6s from auto to manual gearbox, so he's not averse to a Ronart project.

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