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Tony Croft's sprint machine, now owned by Paul Chownes-Dove

Derbyshire Peak District Run 1997
Arthur Wolstenholme's prototype

Our intrepid Founder in a spot of bother - a very rare event with a Ronart W152! The problem turned out to be a blocked petrol filter above the rear axle.

This broken rotor arm caused Graham Hallett to splutter more than somewhat!

VFM13K Cylinder Head

A Cautionary Tale - Always fit new Jaguar original head studs.

The studs in this engine stretched so that after 5000 miles water emerged from every stud hole in the gasket - fortunately only outwards before it was detected.

Jemima Hallett (keen Ronarter) emerges from the new V12.

A very polished retro-fit exhaust system made by Hayward & Scott.

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