Logo of the Ronart Drivers' Club


Tony Legon and his straight-six

A typical straight-six with triple SUs

A typical early Jaguar V12 with standard Lucas fuel injection

A more modern V12 fuel management setup

Graham's new, very late 6.0 engine installation


Typical period engine-turned dashboard

Wooden dashboard on the German alloy V8

Cloth-finished dashboard (Tony Legon)

At Rest

Ronart No 022 is unique in having inboard exhausts rather than the usual 6-branch external pipes. The engine is a standard V12 with Stromberg carbs; the gearbox is a custom-built 5-speed manual unit driving via a limited-slip diff. No 22 runs on Avon high-profile tyres as per the original design.

This is reputedly the earliest known photo of W152's, presumably in the late 1950's, believed to be on the Cricket Green at Dunsfold, where we hold Noggin & Natters every so often during the season.

Ronarts on display at Alexandra Palace, where W152 won Best Kit Award in 1995

At a photo-shoot at Brooklands

Ronarts At Speed

Tony Croft in action - hill-climbing

Graham Hallett in his first S6 Ronart, with ARDS instructor being challenged by a Caterham at a trackday on Abingdon Airport

At Castle Combe

At Goodwood chicane - could try harder!

Ulrich Klausmann's blown Rover V8 in aluminium alloy body

Goodwood in Graham's first W152 4.2 (twin SUs)

Timed 2 laps - approx @ 1:54 = Average 75mph.

The red Ronart is quite well-known at EasyTrack events and appears in their adverts.
Ronarts Abroad

Kiichi Haryyana's machine in Japan
Kiichi was chairman of the Sports Car Club of Japan, and owner of the XK Museum

Ros Kanter in chassis number 002, before its export to Japan. Monaco 1999

Club visit to Germany 1995
Ulrich Klausmann (on the right) was Ronart's dealer in Germany

Cars Under Construction

Peter-Dirk Bergerhoff built this magnificent Weber'ed V12 in Germany, getting it through th TÜV regulations.

Magnificent alloy body built by McFarlanes. We think this is the German W152 because it looks left-hand-drive.

Construction ...or in this case reconstruction.
This is what happens when you lose your oil.
David Mansfield's AJ6 engine which lost all its oil suddenly - the result of a badly made oil cooler hose.

Graham Hallett's original 5.3 V12, now in Peter Jones's new chassis. The man responsible is ex-Jaguar engineer Brian Ball, a highly recommended V12 specialist in Hampshire. He also converted both Graham's and Roger Goswell's S6's from auto to manual gearbox.

Here is the 5.3 on the rolling road

Members in Action

Tony Croft's sprint machine, latterly owned by Paul Chownes-Dove

Derbyshire Peak District Run 1997
Arthur Wolstenholme's prototype

Our intrepid Founder in a spot of bother - a very rare event with a Ronart W152!
The problem turned out to be a blocked petrol filter above the rear axle.

Harvest Tour in Berkshire with Trent who assisted Graham greatly with the 6.0 rebuild

Another Harvest Tour in Berkshire with Trent who is also an able navigator

Tour of Kent with "Auntie Di"

Tour of Kent with Lesley Legon (an experienced Ronarteer) navigating

Fun Pix

Simon Sutton proving the practicality of a Ronart for camping.
It really did all fit in!

Ronart Street.
Peter Langmaid found a street named after the car.

Arthur Wolstenholme being gobbled up by one of his own cars.