Design & Development

W152 Cutaway

RONART CARS can take a sketch or drawing into a one off prototype or  through into a volume product.  The jigs and tooling are manufactured to suit the volume of product required.

Fabrication is carried out using either MIG, TIG, ARC and Gas welding. A variety of materials can be used such as mild steel, stainless steel, various alloys and brass.

Ronart carry out the design and construction of chassis, roll cages, alloy water and fuel tank fabrication, bodywork, solid walnut dashboards, brass windscreen surrounds and also carry work in a range of composite materials such as Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, GRP with core materials such as aluminium honeycomb.

The Grand Prix Racer

An aluminium bodied single-seat racing car with a powerful Jaguar 6.0 litre V12, fitted with six IDA down draft Weber carburettors.

A special design based upon many reflections of the single seaters of the 1950's era. Vanwall, Lotus, BRM, Aston Martin for example have given inspiration to this classic design.

The car can also be manufactured around Jaguar components or for racing can be manufactured with lightweight Ford Cosworth/AP racing braking etc. style suspension, braking and drive. Varying power plants can be fitted as required.

The Grand Prix Racer can also be manufactured in two seater form with the co-driver sitting behind the driver.

Options of body material such as GRP and Carbon/Kevlar composites can also be manufactured.

RONART F1 Junior

The F1 Junior is a unique concept in that the whole family can enjoy many years of pleasure in driving and maintaining a car for pure enjoyment. 

The car may be driven on a variety of surfaces such as grass, tarmac or rough terrain due to the excellent suspension designed for the car.

The car features a four stroke Petrol Engine using unleaded fuel and has electric start by push button on the dashboard. To make the car easy to drive there are only two foot controls, one for the accelerator and the other for the brake. The pedal controls are easily and quickly adjusted and combined with a seat inset can allow a driver of 5 years to an adult of up 5'8" medium build  drive the car comfortably. Smooth take up of drive is carried out using a centrifugal automatic clutch coupled to an automatic gearbox. This unit effectively has a 19:1 ratio at start which changes automatically up to a 0.87 overdrive ratio dependent both on torque and speed. The gearing may be set to the customers preference, i.e. a restricted max limit of 10mph may be fitted for the younger children.  

The car has a superb multi-tubular space frame chassis, rear differential, twin hydraulic disc brakes and the excellent wishbone suspension. Higher power engines are available that can make the car suitable for track racing, possibly a mini race series, driving schools and  corporate hospitality use.


Safety has played an important part in the design of the F1 Junior. The chassis is well engineered and has many safety features including roll over bar, side impact bars and front impact zone. Externally mounted master cut-out switch with removable key and the dash ignition key cuts engine power immediately and also helps prevent unauthorised use.

Speed can be restricted to a very slow speed for the younger drivers or learners but children must be totally supervised by adults at all times. Safety is of paramount importance.

The Top Spec Ronart Formula Junior has the following features:-
  • Multitubular spaceframe chassis with rollover/side bars. 16G steel MIG Welded.
  • Adjustable pedal assembly from seating position to suit child or adult of up to 5' 8".
  • Four Stroke Petrol Engine 5HP with alternator to charge battery, electric start.
  • Auto clutch,  two pedal operation only for the car. (Brake & Accelerator)
  • Differential on the back axle.
  • Full front wishbone suspension with adj. coil over shocks, metalastic rubber bushes and rose joints
  • Full rear trailing arm suspension with metalastic rubber bushes and rose joints
  • Twin Hydraulic disc brakes with powerful hydraulic callipers operated by foot control.
  • Steering rose jointed for ease of turning and excellent turning circle.
  • 10 inch wheels fitted with 5.20 high profile tyres, Mini hubs
  • Tonneau cover available as option
  • Battery , sealed safety type 12V.
  • GRP Bodywork is available in four main colours.  - Red,  BRG, Yellow or Blue.
Additional Options:
  • 10 HP engine and power drive option 
  • Weller Sports wheels specially made for Ronart, set of four
  • Tonneau cover, and booster seat for 5-6 year olds.

Built to Ronart specification, the car has most of the features of a full size racing car and is not a toy. It offers an education in driving and maintaining a quality vehicle, a car that can be driven by both children and adults alike giving immense pleasure and satisfaction.


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