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This is the original photograph of the W152 prototype which was completed in in 1986.

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The Original Ronart

To view the TV programme PULLING POWER feature on the W152 by Roger Cook, click here.

The Ronart company is now in its fourteenth year and over the years it has gained a high reputation for its products both in UK and abroad. Whilst most cars are for the UK market we have LHD cars in South America, USA, Japan, Germany &  France.

The W152 was first conceived in 1981, designed in 1984 and the first car completed in 1986 with production a year later. It is 'today's classic', one that will never go out of style and is unique amongst other cars available today.

The Ronart is a thrilling experience for the driver in feel, sight and sound of the magnificent racing machines of a long gone era.  Driving pleasure of the W152 is enhanced by exhilarating performance and superb road handling capabilities with the Jaguar mechanics and a range of power units from 3.8 litre through to 8.0 litre V12. 

The Ronart is considered to be one of the finest engineered specialist cars available today and one that the company is rightly proud of.

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W152 at speed
The Ronart Lightning

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