In Kit Form - Jaguar-Powered


The Ronart W152 is available in component form only as a comprehensive kit.

You will need the following items as a minimum to be able to build a car and put it on the road:-

  • A donor Jaguar/Daimler car XJ6/12 or XJS.
  • The Ronart comprehensive kit.
  • Essential extras as listed in the options.

This will allow get a car on the road however you may require options such as wire wheels etc.

Ronart can also provide the donor components if required. Each kit item is part numbered, catalogued and labelled with the appropriate part number on the packing.


A good build-up manual is essential and the Ronart comprehensive Build-up Manual takes you through each stage step by step providing not only instructions and illustrations but useful tips and advice. A chapter on Donor components details what parts to look out for, which is the best, items not to buy, tips and desirable options. At the end is the Appendices which give information on setting up, tuning the suspension, technical data and maintenance of the Ronart car.


To place an order, a deposit of £500 + VAT is required for each stage ordered initially. This initial deposit fixes the price of that stage kit for a period of  six months against price increases from Ronart. When work commences on either Stage kits the full payment for that stage must be made before the order can be actioned. Delivery time will vary so please check with Ronart at the time of ordering.


The Kits may be collected individually or both at the same time. Ronart can offer a transportation service for the customer. We can also arrange for kits or cars to be exported to other countries and cars have been shipped to Europe, USA and Japan.


Engineers are available in our works to give customer assistance and help.  We know from previous customers that many work in the evenings and weekends on their cars so Ronart may be contacted up to around 23.00 hours most evenings or during the weekend.


The majority of owners have never built a car before. The way in which we offer the kit, the design of the parts, the help and assistance of Ronart staff all contribute to assist the customer fulfil their ambition of building a quality sports/racing car.

For customers who do have the time for building, the W152 can also be supplied at various stages up to completion. For example a customer could have the rolling chassis built less engine and gearbox or any variation of build level.   


  • Complete engine and manual gearbox assembly with carburettors and  exhaust manifold but less power steering, air conditioning components and viscous fan.  The V12 version requires the oil cooler installation.
  • The propshaft (2.5"dia type), the complete rear subframe drive assembly. Front suspension wheel assemblies, top and bottom A-arms, anti-roll bar mounting posts and plate. (Front/rear -  Springs, spring plates, shock absorbers, radius arms, subframe/cage, disc guard plates and anti-roll bar are ALL not used).
  • Upper steering column assembly & universal joint. Wheel brake slave calipers, brake discs and hand brake calipers. 
  • Radiator (S1/S2 only). The condition of the radiator core is immaterial, new high efficiency core is fitted.  SU Petrol pump or red top solid state fuel pump with filter is used.
  • Individual instrument clocks, Coil, dropper resistor, spark leads etc., Speedo cable, switches, horns, battery.
  • Additional parts for the Injected engine are required in the electronics, fuel and injection component areas. These are taken from the donor car as a self contained 'bolt on' system.
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