W152 Jaguar-Powered

JAGUAR V12 5.3 Litres to 8.0 Litres Carburettor or Injection
JAGUAR mechanics provide a perfect combination of high performance with quality, reliability and safety. The W152 can be supplied to various stages of performance from a standard 245bhp 6 cylinder engine, to a race-prepared V12 with over 500bhp and extensive race modifications.

Above - Period Specification

4.2 Litre Jaguar XK Engine fitted with triple SU Carburettors & D-Type cams

Each W152 is designed to the customer's specifications and budget. Engine options include the JAGUAR AJ6 4.0L S6, the XK 4.2 S6 and the aluminum 5.3L V12 with it's famous sporting heritage. All engines can be supplied with catalytic converters for emission control. They can be fitted with carburettors, fuel injection or super charged. With the engined positioned far back from the front axle, the car is extremely well balanced with a typical F-R 48/52 (with driver).

Servicing & Parts

Because JAGUAR components are used almost exclusively on the W152 S6 & V12 , routine servicing is no more difficult or frequent than experienced by JAGUAR XJ6/12 or XJS owner. All parts may be provided by Ronart Cars for shipment worldwide.

What the Press say...

"The Ronart W152 has classic good looks and performance to match. On the road the W152 is an impressive machine. Although it's big, it handles beautifully and can be driven quickly when required." - - Car Mechanics (July 1991)

"The thunderous Ronart, a vast Jaguar-powered beast inspired by Formula 1 cars of the 1950's. This is another well conceived and executed design, it handles just as you would expect." -Which Car (August 1991)

"A unique race inspired road car which stands out from the crowd. Acceleration can only be described as breathtaking-a certain lion had better watch out. The ride is comfortable, and yet you sense how taught and ready for action it is" - Top Car (August 1991)

"It looks like a 50's grand prix car and it goes like one. Jaguar muscle under the bonnet and a capacity to thrill that makes the Caterham Seven look tame" - Autocar and Motor (22nd May 1991)

"The beautifully built Ronart traps its drivers in another world for far less than superior prices. Perhaps what's most remarkable about the Ronart, though, is the quality of its design and construction. It is a professionally executed car that's strong and reliable." - Autocar & Motor (29th May 1991)

"A modern day classic. Pictures don't do the Ronart justice. The W152 is a full-sized performance car for full-sized people. It goes like a bat out of hell."  - Autosport (30th May 1991)

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