W152 V8 Alloy Special

This very lightweight W152 V8 features an aluminium alloy body. The power is from a 3.9 litre V8 fitted with twin turbochargers which in its mild blown state gives over 350  BHP. This particular car is LHD drive and is registered in Germany.

The aluminium body is built by English Craftsmen working in the heart of the English Motor Industry. The body has compound curves throughout and is a real challenge to the engineer. Such are the excellent skills of the Craftsmen, based in Coventry, that we are able to offer them for a polished finish.

With aluminium bodywork the customer can specify small detail changes like the different rear light cluster as featured on this particular car and of course, many additional louvres in the bonnet and bonnet side panels. Notice also on this car that the wings on the front turn with the wheels and also on the back they are attached to the wheel hub carrier.

The V8 car can be manufactured in Carbon/Kevlar composite or the more usual GRP. Whatever the body material the shape never fails to attract admiring glances whenever it is seen.

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