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Our register is aimed at keeping track of all the W152s. That way the Club can often verify the history if required, and advise on typical buying/selling prices. There are few in existence, and so they seldom arise for sale. See below for details of currently available cars known to the RDC.


CAVEAT EMPTOR - registration of a W152 can be very difficult in some countries, owing to regulations such as TUV and SVA.

Even in the UK great care has to be taken in preparing the ground so that a given car is accepted as originating from a period donor; otherwise, for example, a 1978 carburetted V12 engine will stand no chance of meeting emissions required for a car registered and put on the road in 2007; and unless the provenance of the components is proved, the car may end up with a "Q" plate, or might even not obtain IVA/SVA approval.


The Ronart W152

SOLD - exported to Germany.

Another Forecourt

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