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Ronart Cars are made at Peterborough, UK.

The W152 can be ordered in kit form or can be completely hand-built by the factory (usually on a lead-time of about 12 months).

The Lightning is no longer available.

It appears that there will never be a Mark 3 version of the W152. The factory acquired the rights to the name Vanwall, and two cars have been built to date. The first was a single-seater V12-powered car, and the second a two-seater Ferrari V12-powered car.

Since then the company moved on to The Electric Lightning, a spectacular, fast electric sportscar based on the carbon-fibre Lightning V8 heritage.

Ronart Cars

W152s in varying states of completion

Testing the seatbelt anchorages

An early W152 at Spyder Engineering

Chassis welding


The Ronart chassis is extremely strong, and as a kit it is certainly one of the most substantial (and most expensive) on the market; it is designed to handle up to V12 power (one W152 has a TWR-Jaguar 600bhp V12 installed). The bodywork is also made of thick composite (a couple are alloy-bodied, and one is pure carbon-fibre). All the technical detail is available on the Ronart Cars website, to which there is a link below.

There are many quality features which single out the Ronart from the crowd, not least of which is the ingenious sliding pedal-box which is adjustable via knurled knob under the dashboard, for the driving comfort of people of all shapes and sizes. Even the bulky Roger Cook was able to drive the W152 in his TV review for the programme Pulling Power.


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