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Hints & Tips

This section is for more general matters of interest and usefulness.

The Importance of a Good Earth

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF file of a fascinating article by Jo Atkins which was published in Car Builder in May 1992. Easy to read and comprehend, it's very relevant to DIY builders, and to owners who have to troubleshoot from time to time.

Latest Kenlowe fan fitting instructions

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the fan fitment instructions. There are some pertinent bits of advice highlighted in this document.

SVA Tips

We try to maintain a list of issues which have to be borne in mind, from others' experience of getting W152s through the SVA test. Click here to view.

Ease of maintenance

Dennis Baker suggested that captive nuts on the nose-cone mountings can make life much easier and avoid the need for an assistant.

If you haven't discovered RIVNUTS this RivNut tool is indispensible for the builder. You never need to use a self-tapper again. RivNuts are threaded rivets which give a stronger, more reliable and more professional fastening.

Wiring within wing stanchions

Carl Rasey gave us the tip that the wiring for the front (amd rear) lights can be tidied up by feeding through the interior of the stanchions.

Where GRP panels meet, there is always the danger of them rubbing. A small amount of grease on the mating surfaces is just enough to stop damage and it will clean off to leave the panels like new.


SuperTrapps fitted to Tony Legon's car at Goodwood (care required when clipping left-hand bends).

It's about the only way to get through today's DB tests.

Invaluable Products & Suppliers for the DIY Enthusiast/Builder -

Vehicle Wiring Products - You will not be able to build/maintain a Ronart without their catalogue of everything electrical. Good prices too.

0115 930 5454

Anthony Stafford Vehicle Components - another indispensible supplier from whom many of the standard Ronart lighting components are sourced.

01827 67714

Middleton Stainless Steel Supplies - an amazing source for stainless nuts, bolts, washers and other components in virtually every thread, size and variety. Stainless is expensive in the short-term but small quantity orders are no problem.

Middleton Stainless

BG Developments are AP Racing stockists, very knowledgeable and helpful with Jag-based road/track kits.

BG Developments

Car Builder Solutions (aka Neil Foreman) are stockists of an excellent catalogue of unusual tools and accessories essential for the builder/owner of a Ronart W152. Highly recommended.

Car Builder Solutions

Speedy Cables ) 01639 732213
Speedo calibration is routinely carried out by Speedy Cables (aka Caerbont (Smiths)) in Wales. They have some simple instructions to measure the number of rotations of wheels and at gearbox, and you send them your instrument for recalibration. Also they sell Smiths Classic instruments and can restore/rebuild any donor Jag instruments and recreate as D-Type replica instruments if required.


Frosts have a fascinating catalogue of unusual (often imported from USA) tools and techniques for the builder/restorer.

Frost Equipment

SuperTrapps (extra silencers for trackdays), AP braking and numerous other goodies of a performance character. Excellent catalogue and VERY efficient and friendly staff.

RaceParts (UK)

Hayward & Scott, Essex. Specialists in very special exhaust systems.

Hayward & Scott

Loctite adhesives range - download PDF specs

Loctite Adhesives PDF (1.6mb)

Download a guide to the whole Loctite range

Loctite Products PDF (1.7mb)

Portasol - download a PDF brochure on this extremely handy pocket-sized soldering iron & heatgun

Portasol Pro Piezo PDF

Pirtek - Excellent and very helpful service for making up hoses (e.g. oil coolers) and terminations. Depots around the UK


Vintage Tyres of Brockenhurst are stockists of Avon CR28 and TurboSpeed (correct fitment for the W152) which are increasingly hard to find these days.

Vintage Tyre Supplies

AVON Tyres Generally - Ronart has been in contact with Avon and confirmed that they no longer produce the CR28. They also do not have any remaining in stock. The tyre Ronart has used recently is the Turbosteel 70 Series 235/70 R15. Index 101V
Section Width 240mm
Overall diameter 711mm (28 inches)
Recommended Rim range - 6.00 - 8.00 inches
This is the tyre used for V12 cars.
The wheel used on the S6 models is 6J
The wheel for the V12 powered cars is 6.5J
The wide rim special wheels are 7J
The high profile aspect of 27 inches gives this tyre a reasonably period appearance.

So there we have the most practical solution, because we can be assured that these tyres look and handle well on the W152. There are of course myriad other makes, styles and sizes; for instance, Dennis Baker uses Pirelli P-Zero tyres on his much-modified suspension, and these handle fabulously, but they do look modern rather than period.